Kevin Harrison

Recordings 1975-1985

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Kevin Harrison’s music is guitar orientated. But treated and mutated. Harrison is no ordinary guitar hero: his playing shimmers like light reflected on water. His work is reminiscent of a cross between Eno, Michael Rother and Eric Random (when things hot up). While in the ambient field, it balances a lot more in the direction of contemporary electronics and a heavier sound. Nevertheless his influences make themselves very clear. At heart a minimal psychedelicist Harrison’s is the music of the hypnotic state, of dream and trance. It’s core is an obvious affection for the work of men like Terry ‘Rainbow in Curved Air’ Riley, Philip Glass, Kraftwerk and The Normal tempered with an awareness of oriental rhythms and harmonies which give the elemental electronics a warmer, human touch.
With Harrison’s deft handling his squeaks and buzzes, his synthesised loop tables and his drum machines ‘Inscrutably Obvious’ seems like it will prove horribly inaccessible. But once properly investigated it offers a sparklingly seductive selection of tracks wholeheartedly recommended to anybody looking for entertainment from the avant-garde. - Chas de Whalley

No guitar heroes next 'cause it's Kevin Harrison, who is out of Urge, on the same theme - I could listen to his excellent stuff all night but.......... Still if you like good music: what he does is guitar improvisations with the guitar put through lots of reel to reel echo units and other such things. This means he only has to fall over his guitar and it sounds good good good good. The result is similar to Fripp/Eno collaborations with layers of rejected guitar sounds. It sounds much better than I can be bothered to write it, if you're curious go and see him do his act. Be adventurous! - Marko

Kevin Harrison: Recordings 1975-1985

I Need Help Kevin Harrison
Live At Bali-Hai Kevin Harrison
Sister Crazy Maisie Kevin Harrison
New Gamelan Kevin Harrison
Agumar Kevin Harrison
Camel's Mouth Kevin Harrison
Orange Egg Kevin Harrison
Blue Guitars Kevin Harrison
Transmitten Rozo Kevin Harrison
Little Lazy Daisy Kevin Harrison
Live At Coventry Climax Kevin Harrison
Mevlevi Kevin Harrison
Prototype Manta Ray Kevin Harrison
Vapour Trails Kevin Harrison
Velvet Dream Being Kevin Harrison

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