Hungry Man

Soundway Records SNDWLP065
  • LP : Includes Download, Ltd. to 1000 copies, deluxe Tip-On Cover, 180 gr. vinyl
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Originally recorded for the EMI Nigeria label and produced by legendary producer Odion Iruoje 'Keyboard' was a one-off studio project formed by Brodricks Majuwa and Isaac Digha from circa 1978. These two session men were often used at the EMI studio and played in multiple recordings that Iruoje produced throughout the era

This extremely scarce and obscure record features amongst others Ignace de Souza of the Black Santiagos from the city of Cotonou, Benin and Jonni Wood from the band SJOB movement.

Lilting, laid-back, solid, soul-funk grooves and beautiful horn arrangements with synth effects combine for a unique sound but one that is unmistakably from the sound forge of Odion Iruoje and his two front-line studio engineers Emmanuel Odenusi and Kayode Salami. The album is licensed directly from Broderick Majuwa (hailing originally from the Delta region of central southern Nigeria) who played with many bands in the 1970s: starting out with The Severe 7 (a Santana-influenced rock band from Benin City) followed by The Thermometers with Emma Dorgu who cut one 45 for Afrodisia records. Later on he had stints with more famous Nigerian artists Ebenezer Obey and Bongos Ikwue amongst others. The LP is released again after 35 years and strictly limited to only 1000 vinyl copies.

Keyboard: Hungry Man

Hungry Man Keyboard
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