Kid 606

Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored Of Excitement

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Best known for his frantic, sampledelic style going back to the late '90s, Tigerbeat6 boss, Kid606 [aka Miguel De Pedro) will release a new album this May.

While no stranger to Ambient music, "Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 : Bored of Excitement" is the first album where De Pedro truly tips his hat to Brian Eno and the Berlin School.

"Recollected.." consists of seven truly pastoral, piano-based compositions shrugging off any trace of his glitch signature.

"After what would be my last Post-Berghain 9am psychotic break with reality, I knew I needed a change but decided that checking myself into a Berlin psych ward when I still only speak English was probably not the best idea. After a brief but laughable suicidal idealization (Involving some heavy analog synthesizers and the Paul-Lincke-Ufer Canal directly beside my Kreuzberg apartment.) had passed, I realized this kind of thing never happened to me back in California and I should probably just get my shit together and move to Los Angeles immediately.

Reading about how Brian Eno was inspired to create the first ambient album “Discreet music” while healing from an automobile accident, I observed my own bedridden state and my heart was set on doing something similar. I was going to stay home, get sane, and make music without beats, samples, glitches, or pretty much anything but piano. This was incredibly hard. I had started, but could not finish it. Even after sending the songs to a bunch of friends and listening to them endlessly, I just couldn’t do it. Feeling desperate to just get out of Berlin ASAP, I gave up on the album and instead embarked on a crazy Meditation-Yoga-New Age-Shamanic-Psychotherapy trip.

The results of this journey are undoubtedly questionable. But three years later I am back in California. “Bored of Excitement” is finally finished and being released. It is everything I always dreamed and hoped it would be. Making it didn’t heal me, but actually completing this album so I can share it with the world has made me feel a lot less “incomplete”." - Miguel de Pedro

Kid 606: Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored Of Excitement

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