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Extra murky hip hop mixtape from NYC underground royalty, Geng a.k.a. King Ultra Vision, literally sampling from the streets around him and folding snatches of dialogue into proper sludgy beats and fluoro-glowing atmospheres. Distilling the mental state of NYC.

“Pain Of Mind is an audio book about mental illness and a broken system. Written/recorded/ mastered Oct. 1 - Nov. 9, 2017 in Queens - 1 block away from a “RIP Prodigy” tag. Mastered the same day Wu’s Enter The 36 dropped, 24 years ago.

All dialogue was captured directly onto cassette. All samples collected via SP 202, SP 303, SP 404 and/or MPC1000. All mixing/mastering via cassette.

“This is how I heard the music that shaped my sensibilities - drenched in analog imperfection and waves of hiss.”

“King Vision Ultra is a fresh sonic narrative from Geng. An elemental alphabet constructed from personal histories, reflections and trauma, its block letters are etched into New York City’s glass and daubed on its brickwork, impounded in the minds of a transient population.”

King Vision Ultra: Pain Of Mind

Pain Of Mind - Excerpt 1 King Vision Ultra
Pain Of Mind - Excerpt 2 King Vision Ultra
Pain Of Mind - Excerpt 3 King Vision Ultra
Pain Of Mind - Excerpt 4 King Vision Ultra

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