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Klara Lewis' debut release presents an electronically charged reconstruction of organic sound matter. 10 tracks featuring a wide variety of sonic material which is subjected to Lewis' unique approach to the sonic landscape. Field recordings, small sounds, samples, ambient pot holes, repetition, and giddy disorientation are all tactics deployed by Lewis. On entering these works we take a voyage through a series of audacious audio adventures, playful musical miniatures and choppy sonic seas. There is a human warmth to much of the material as Lewis expertly crafts musical matter from the living world. ‘Ett‘ is an exemplary investigation as Lewis’ reconfigures sounds of life itself, from the delirious to the tender. A bold vision from a bright new talent.

Recorded, sampled, edited, manipulated, mixed, produced and arranged by Klara Lewis.

Klara Lewis: Ett

c a t t Klara Lewis
Untilted Klara Lewis
49th Hour Klara Lewis
Seascape Klara Lewis
Muezzin Klara Lewis
Clearing Klara Lewis
Shine Klara Lewis
Surfaced Klara Lewis
Altered Klara Lewis
Aver Klara Lewis

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