True Love Can Wait

Marsh Marigold Mari 022
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KNABENKRAUT, a microcosmos of German guitarpop. Founded in 1995 in Hamburg by singer Oliver Goetzl (label boss of legendary Marsh-Marigold Records and Ex-Jesterbells and Ex-Red Letter Day), guitarist Gerrit Herlyn (Ex-Jesterbells and Ex-Red Letter Day), guitarist Thomas Overdick (Ex-Red Letter Day) and multi-instrumentalist Bjoern Steffens (should have become famous with Connery, no less than the German Sundays – some stories don’t end like they should end). Completed by drummer Carsten Schreiber (Ex-Alaska), to-good-to-be-true-but-true singer Melanie Hamdorff and the one and only Johnny Johnson on bass (at last, a bass player, a very rare breed). But let’s stop dropping names, here comes the beautiful sound of KNABENKRAUT reminding us why it could have been good to grow up in the eighties. Noisy melodies for expanded minded popkids. “True Love Can Wait” was recorded at Sir Paul McCartney‘s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). Liverpool – Hamburg, Hamburg – Liverpool, another story to be told about unforgettable nights at Gambier Terrace No. 10. By the way: KNABENKRAUT is an orchid.

Knabenkraut: True Love Can Wait

Heaven (Album Version) Knabenkraut 3'55''
Swing (Album Version) Knabenkraut 3'31''
Riverbeds (Album Version) Knabenkraut 3'56''
Promising (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'04''
Pink Fool (Album Version) Knabenkraut 3'11''
You Can't Have The Cake And Eat It (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'50''
Past (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'43''
Stay (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'05''
Rescue (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'51''
Explain (Album Version) Knabenkraut 2'40''
Bluebottle (Album Version) Knabenkraut 2'05''
Same For Kisses (Album Version) Knabenkraut 4'04''
Instead (Album Version) Knabenkraut 2'46''
Certain Fall (Album Version) Knabenkraut 5'22''