Kyle Hall

Girl U so Strong / Take Me Away

Hyperdub HDB084
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Alongside their mammoth 10th anniversary compilation, Hyperdub issue a rare single from Detroit upstart Kyle Hall. Barely 15 when he hit the scene in 2007, the young producer continues to show that he is no mere revivalist with two raw, offbeat bangers. The killer ‘Girl U So Strong’, featured on Hyperdub, 10.1, builds on a strange, seesawing bass line, adding queasy keys, big, shuffling percussion and laser show synth melodies. Similarly hard to categorise is flip-side ‘Take Me Away’, an intercontinental mash-up of buzzing low end, 8-bit FX and a pulsating drum work.

Kyle Hall: Girl U so Strong / Take Me Away

Girl U so Strong Kyle Hall
Take Me Away Kyle Hall

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