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Collaborations reap the raddest rewards when the participants tease out the weirder and wilder geographies of their vibe-map Venn diagram, and for this reason (among others) The Integration LP is a deep achievement of mood-swing motion and freaky feminine mystique.
The meshing of Maria Minerva’s alienated pop constructs with LA Vampires’ degraded Byronic house births a cool niche catalog of unclassifiable style prototypes, from new wave apocalypto to teutonic club dubs to Harajuku romance anthems, all unified by their tag-teamed sisters-with-voices symbiosis. The album’s nine songs (ten on the CD) were founded on skrewed LA Vampires beats and tape samples, shaped by Minerva’s psycho-echo vocal melodies, further articulated by multi-instrumentalist Nick Crozier-Malkin’s synth leads and additional drum programming, before being filtered back through Los Angeles’s recordist extraordinaire Brian Foote’s masterboard for micro-edits and fine-tuning.
The finished collection is a crooked, captivating composite of bleached-out Day-glo party music, Percy Bysshe Shelley poetics, reverbed keyboard drama, extraterrestrial romance metaphors, seasonal meditation, and weird world studio wizardry - another too-true-for-comfort statement from two of today’s most unpredictable nonviolent femmes.

LA Vampires with Maria Minerva: Integration LP

Integration LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 5'16''
End Of The World LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 4'40''
I Fear Thy Kisses LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 4'21''
Alien In My Heart LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 5'06''
The Immoral Mr. Tease LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 4'04''
Seasons Change LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 3'56''
Trying 2 Be Honest With Myself LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 3'53''
Supercool LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 4'33''
Desire Desire LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 3'33''
A Lover & A Friend LA Vampires with Maria Minerva 5'16''

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