Lanark Artefax

Glasz EP

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UIQ lands another cracking debut entry, this time by 22 year old Glaswegian, Lanark Artefax, whose precarious ballistics place a sidespin on his label boss, Lee Gamble’s dancefloor discombobulations.

The Glasz EP is a trippy, time-warping suite which feels in flux between various physical states, neither solid, gas or liquid, but rather some reactant, viscous material emitting noxious gases; an effect achieved thru meticulous FX contouring and the application of self-created dissonant scales, combing thru finer integers of emotive and psychoactive states.

A willingness to bend perceptions of conventional structures is key to these tracks, most explicitly in the title track and the lush, polymetric gyroscopics of All That Is Solid Melts Into Air or with more elusive, prism-pushing aspects of cone-buckling subs and interlaced choral frameworks in Remainder I that sound like ‘ardcore filtered to plasmic, quantum jelly.

Glasz opens the other side with a curdled take on trap, oozing queasy stripes of melody and rave stabs on a brittle, percolated rimshot/snare, before Phasze (s_h_i_f_t) diffuses grime in an aether fantasy of sci-fi romantic pads and scything, elastic drums, and Virtual Bodies glitches a sort of shatterproof aeR&B hyper chamber music.

Lanark Artefax: Glasz EP

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air Lanark Artefax
Remainder I Lanark Artefax
Glasz Lanark Artefax
Phase (Shift) Lanark Artefax
Virtual Bodies Lanark Artefax

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