Laraaji & Sun Araw

Professional Sunflow

W.25TH W25-01
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Professional Sunflow is the first-time collaboration between Laraaji & Sun Araw, two colossal forces in contemporary electronic music. Laraaji's musical radiance has continued to shine brightly over four decades since being discovered by Brian Eno in New York's Washington Square Park in 1979. Sun Araw emerged out of Los Angeles' experimental scene in 2008 with transformative releases on a variety of trend-setting labels (Not Not Fun, Drag City and more).

The live performances on this double LP – recorded in Germany and Switzerland – combine prewritten elements and improvisation. Laraaji's soulful vocals and signature instrument, zither, blend beautifully with the free-floating rhythms of Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones (guitar / keyboards) and Alex Gray (computer synthesis) to shape Professional Sunflow's unique sound: dreamy layers of percussion, ambient textures and vibrant melodies.

W.25TH is proud to present Professional Sunflow as our inaugural release. As a sub-label of Superior Viaduct, W.25TH will focus on inventive sounds from current artists. Forthcoming releases include Nazoranai (Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley and Oren Ambarchi) and the (as yet unnamed) collaboration between Richard Pinhas, William Winant, and Comets On Fire's Noel Von Harmonson and Utrillo Kushner.

Laraaji & Sun Araw: Professional Sunflow

Leipzig (Part 1) Laraaji & Sun Araw
Leipzig (Part 2) Laraaji & Sun Araw
Lausanne (Part 1) Laraaji & Sun Araw
Lausanne (Part 2) Laraaji & Sun Araw

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