Le Rok

Lover & Friend

Kalk Pets Kalk Pets 22
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According to the motto “my house is your house” the new Kalk Pets 12inch of Hannover’s finest House export Le Rok features the deep grooving track “Lover & Friend” alongside two remixes by Grinser and Chica Paula. The original mix is a soft burner that hugs you gentle with subtle melodies, touching vocal samples, and a deep absorbing bass line. Chica Paula’s interpretation transforms the original into a dark magical nugget that leaves much space for the listener’s own imagination while delivering slow-motion House deepness. The most up-tempo dancefloor oriented revision comes from Grinser. The resident DJ of Berlin’s Club der Visionäre transforms the original into a magic and funky House gem that is perfect for musical guidance during sunny days and long sweaty nights. Three versions under one groove that need no big speed to lift your spirits!

Le Rok: Lover & Friend

Lover & Friend (Grinser Feat. Random Willson Remix) Le Rok 7'36''
Lover & Friend (Original) Le Rok 3'45''
Lover & Friend (Dark Lover Mix By Chica Paula) Le Rok 5'08''

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