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Sweet, harmonics and cute experimental electronics music from Copenhagen / Berlin outfit, Liima. The four-piece comprise members of Danish modern-classical popsters Efterklang and Finnish drummer/percussionist, Tatu Rönkkö. Recorded in three days in Berlin but written during monthly residencies in the German capital, Finland, Istanbul and Madeira ?it?s hard to know where to stick this one on the genre racks. Think of some golden interzone between Animal Collective, Pink Floyd, avant-Scott Walker chamber-pop, Mùm, Amiina, and Peter, Bjorn and John ? a kaleidoscopic Scandinavian trip into fifty shades of pop.

Liima: II

Your Heart Liima
Amerika Liima
Roger Waters Liima
Russians Liima
Trains in the Dark Liima
Woods Liima
513 Liima
You Stayed in Touch with the Wrong Guy Liima
Black Beach Liima
Change of Time Liima

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