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We're happy to present you with lile and their debut album. The experimental pop trio was formed when Nico Bacal and Nico Mastracchio met Naila Borensztein, also singer of the well established band No Lo soporto (popart/sony-bmg counting with 2 videos on mtv(la)). After a year of noise and experimental sessions, the inclusion of a female voice gave the band its final form. Since 2005, with an independent home-made 3 songs ep, lile have been playing in different places of Buenos Aires' Indie scene. Their recent live gig at the Panorama Festival in Buenos Aires can be heard on dublab.
The band 's music deals with songs, textures and nostalgia. Almost every sound was recorded by making all kinds of noises with everything they found on lile's studio at Nico's house.
This is the first album by lile. It was made entirely at home. We hope you like it.

Lile: Lile

Landscape Lile 4'46''
Sticky Images Lile 4'53''
Void Lile 4'54''
To Me Lile 4'27''
The Word I Need Lile 4'17''
Tren Lile 5'22''
Soap Lile 4'42''
Inconsciente Lile 7'03''

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