Los Pirañas

La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País

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For more than 20 year Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers), Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero, Ondatropica) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo, Sidestepper) have been exposed to latinamerican tropical types of music that for many years (and still these days) have been relegated to the last place of good taste. Vallenato, peruvian chicha, colombian raspa, champeta, some african sounds and cumbia in its different genres (sabanera, rabajada, sonidera) make part of the new style that Los Piranas expose in the agitated Colombian music scene.

Their debut album "Toma Tu Jabon Kapax" is deliberately strident and still, you can easily dance to it. In 2013 they released the 7" single "Salvemos Nuestro Folclor" and a video directed by artists Mateo Rivano and Santiago Mora. Their second LP "La Diversion Que Hacia Falta En Mi Pais" was recorded in June 2014 in collaboration with Quantic (Will Hollland) recording on analogue tape and mixed live.

Los Pirañas: La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País

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