Secret Name

Kranky KRANK035LP
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REISSUED!!! Twelve new tracks of morphinous, skeletal drift-sound wonders from the combined voices, guitars and percussion of ALAN SPARHAWK, MIMI PARKER and ZAK SALLY. Diverse and painless songs that cut simply but effectively through heart-strings and nervous systems, leaving an absorbed and beautiful corpse in their wake. Features added instrumentation of strings, piano and timpani. Limited to 1,000 copies.

Low: Secret Name

I Remember Low 4'11''
Starfire Low 3'06''
Two-Step Low 5'49''
Weight Of Water Low 4'21''
Missouri Low 4'04''
Don't Understand Low 6'56''
Soon Low 5'13''
Immune Low 3'31''
Lion_Lamb Low 4'13''
Days Of... Low 5'57''
Will The Night Low 2'23''
Home Low 2'26''

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