Luca Forcucci

Frameworks 14: Fog Horns

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Luca Forcucci is a binational Swiss and Italian composer and artist. His work observes the perceptive properties/relations of sound and space (and vice versa) through sound installations, visuals, compositions and performances. In order to explore the field of possibilities for sound in a context of music and art as experience, the works converge with dance, digital performance, poetry, architecture and neuroscience. In this context, he is interested by perceptionand consciousness.
His compositions have spanned through the years from electronic music, which was produced by Al Comet from The Young Gods, to field recordings collected around the world in urban contexts like Sao Paulo, Shanghai, San Francisco and natural ones like the Amazon forest or the Swiss Alps to name a few.

Luca Forcucci: Frameworks 14: Fog Horns

Fog Horns Luca Forcucci 11'38''
L'Ecume Des Jours Luca Forcucci 11'08''
Winds Luca Forcucci 15'00''
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