Luke Vibert

UK Garage

Hypercolour HYPELP008
  • LP: Includes download
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A riotous romp through imaginatively used samples, familiar piano riffs, customary beats and other rave tropes, the master of mischief Luke Vibert puts together a 10 track ode to the era of M25 convoys, mobile phone hotlines and raving amongst dogs on strings in British aerodrome fields.

Whether you are an ageing raver, or a wide-eyed newbie, ‘Garave Vol. 1’ is a hugely enjoyable frolic in rave’s DAT tape archives, with Vibert playing master of ceremonies to a musical genre that quite simply refuses to die!

Luke Vibert: UK Garage

1 The Future Luke Vibert
2 U Can't Touch Dat Luke Vibert
3 Back With Me Luke Vibert
4 Heard It All B4 Luke Vibert
5 Everybody Luke Vibert
6 Feel The Melody Luke Vibert
7 Stop Gap Luke Vibert
8 Clap Sing Luke Vibert
9 Feel The Riddim Luke Vibert
10 Pump Luke Vibert

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