Lutto Lento

Dark Secret World

Where To Now? WTNLKP07
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Where To Now? cordially invite you into Lutto Lento’s ‘Dark Secret World’. After a string of releases on labels such as FTD, Proto Sites, DUNNO Recordings and ourselves, we now find Polish artist Lubomir Grzelak ready to present a fully realised, full-length distillation of his distinctly exuberant and unique electronic narratives.

Lutto Lento: Dark Secret World

Strangest Dream About U Lutto Lento
Crack Lutto Lento
Rattlesnake Lutto Lento
Dark Secret World Lutto Lento
It's A Horror & It's A Wonder Lutto Lento
Cheers Tears Ears Lutto Lento
Gyal A Devil Lutto Lento
The Living Hell Lutto Lento
OBEAH Lutto Lento
Keyhalahiya Lutto Lento
Weakness Lutto Lento

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