Transmission One

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Transmission One is the debut album by Lviv, an audio-visual collaboration between experimental musicians Gareth Hardwick, Dan Layton & David Stockwell and Nottingham’s obscure cinema renegades Kneel Before Zod.

Lviv formed in 2013 and in their short history they have played in a variety of venues and contexts, from a contemporary art gallery to a performance in one of Europe’s smallest cinemas. The collective has arranged one-off presentations of cult sci-fi movies, as well as playing in typical gig settings.

Using a bedrock of minimalist low-end drone, musically Lviv explore tone, dynamics and time. The sound is elemental - one that carves deep furrows into the air. Single, absolute tones are introduced and wrapped around each other until new and monolithic structures are created.

Live, visuals eschew clichéd rock spectacle and instead deliver a hypnotically disorientating combination of found footage, B-movie showreels and VCR noise, layered, manipulated and processed in real-time.

Recorded live with a minimum of post-processing, Transmission One acts as a perfect statement of intent from the group. The album, presented here alongside video footage which forms part of their live performances, demonstrates a symbiotic relationship between the two mediums, which breathes and develops as a cohesive whole.

Lviv: Transmission One

07:55 Lviv 7'55''
06:15 Lviv 6'15''
14:51 Lviv 14'51''

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