Non Succede Niente

Eclipse Eclipse 010
  • EP: 180 gr. vinyl
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“Non Succede Niente" as a stagnating state of mind that rises into neurotic anguish; "Non Succede Niente" as the soothing chant of a mother to her baby.
Mace's new EP blends in its track these two antithetic yet intertwined situations.
“Non Succede Niente " for this reason is drenched in this sort of unfulfilled dualism. These extremely different states of mind are juxtaposed in the succession of the tracks, where introspection and auditory blurriness of tracks like "21%” or “La Fine del Sistema Aureo” - in this last one the recollection of long past memories is both related to childhood reminiscences and collective historical memory - give space to the shining awareness and self-determination of “Ti Fissano” and the hope for the future portrayed in “Synàptein”.
The result is a set of tracks where each is chronologically and emotionally different from the other in a state unbalanced stillness - antinomic to the name of the EP itself - which reminds of the previous “The Heavens Are Already Theirs”, released by Eclipse music in 2014.

Mace: Non Succede Niente

Ti Fissano Mace
21% Mace
La Fine Del Sistema Aureo Mace
Synàptein Mace

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