Human Energy

Ninja Tune ZEN232LP
  • 2LP (color): Includes download, White marbled Vinyl, Spot-Foil Print
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You’ve never heard Machinedrum like this before. The relentless pioneer and conceptualist of US electronic music has moved to Cali, fallen in love, and discovered a new warmth and beauty in his music. On Human Energy, Travis Stewart draws on esoteric and new age concepts but makes it fun rather than dull and serious. The music astounds over and over again with the sheer brilliance of its execution and, yes, its unremitting energy.

Machinedrum: Human Energy

Lapis Machinedrum
Morphogene Machinedrum
Angel Speak Machinedrum
Tell U Machinedrum
Surfed Out Machinedrum
Do It 4 U Machinedrum
Celestial Levels Machinedrum
Isometrix Machinedrum
Spectrum Sequence Machinedrum
White Crown Machinedrum
Ocean of Thought Machinedrum
Etheric Body Temple Machinedrum
Dos Puertas Machinedrum
Opalescent Machinedrum
Colour Communicator Machinedrum

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