Vapor City

Ninja Tune ZEN200LP
  • 2LP: Includes download, 180gr vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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Electronic music's Renaissance man Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum, is prepping for his biggest and boldest release to date with label Ninja Tune- Vapor City the first full-length offering since his critically-heralded Rooms in 2011. Between now and then, his output has been an unrelenting stream of versatility with skillful releases on LuckyMe (SXLND), Hotflush with beloved Sepalcure, and the dancefloor blitzkrieg known as JETS- his most recent partnership with frequent collaborator Jimmy Edgar- among other releases, collaborations, and remixes that have kept him always one step ahead of the bunch with fans and music critics eagerly awaiting his next vision.

The man of many faces went back to the drawing board armed with inspirations sprouting deeper from within his psyche. Based on recurring dreams he has had for years about a metropolis known as Vapor City and which have become so vivid that Stewart can describe the place in detail district by district, he has finally crafted a fully-formed soundscape which doubles as a map into this imaginary universe.

Machinedrum: Vapor City

Gunshotta Machinedrum
Infinite Us Machinedrum
Don t 1 2 Lose U Machinedrum
Center Your Love Machinedrum
Vizion Machinedrum
Rise N Fall Machinedrum
SeeSea Machinedrum
U Still Lie Machinedrum
Eyesdontlie Machinedrum
Baby It's U Machinedrum

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