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Music has a time and a place. Early 80's post punk eclecticism gave rise to an independence of mind and spirit which opened doors to infinite possibilities. No longer confined by the strait jacket of major labels and imbued with the confidence and imagination of a new era new sounds appeared. The spirit of punk engaged with an aspiration for a wider musical vision and a willingness to experiment with sound. The era of home made cassette music allowed people to share and copy - and more importantly to create. This new era of creativity was linked to a re- discovery of electronic music and the revived interest in the European music of bands such as Kraftwerk and Can and the sound-scapes created by Brian Eno...

To place. The West Coast, not San Francisco, but the West Coast of Cymru (Wales), and specifically to that place where the Afon Teifi (River Teifi) flows from the misty hills of Ceredigion into the deep grey of the Irish Sea. Aberteifi (Cardigan) is the town at the mouth of the Afon Teifi and is the place which gave rise to a flurry of musical activity and inspiration in the early 80's. The home of the Power Pop of Ail Symudiad and formidable David R. Edwards of the group Datblygu and also gave rise to the mysterious and magical electronic pop-synth sounds of Malcolm Neon (Malcolm Gwyon).

Until the release of this collection of music Malcolm's music existed on a single slice of much sought after vinyl. A single song on an EP alonside 3 other Welsh bands of that era, Y Ficar, Y Diawled and Eryr Wen and 18 limited Cassette-only- Releases on his own label called „Casetiau Neon“, all released between 1980-85.

This was music which broke down barriers and opened ears and eyes in West Wales. Innovative and adead of its time. The anger and anguish in songs such as "Iwerddon" and "Chwyldro" is matched by the tenderness and conpassion of songs such as "Angel Wen" and "Nefolaidd" within a music which defies convention but throws up magic moments of melody and sound. This music has a time and place but is nit confined to time and transcends place and space. It deserves a wider audience and now is the time. (shortened description / review by Toni Schiavone)

Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon: 1980 - 1985

Merch Unig Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Tokyo Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Andy Warhol Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Cafe Terrasse Yn Yr Hwyr Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Codiad Haul Ar Draeth Mwnt Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Mae Dieithriaid Yn Gariadon Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Unig Un Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Nefoedd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Traeth Caeth Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Yn Y Nos Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Mwnt Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Dinas Lwyd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Y Lleuad Yn Sefyll Yn Llonydd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Grisiau Nefolaidd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Ystafell Lwyd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Ffiniau Metel Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Pobl Dawel Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Gwyn Dros Lwyd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Tywyllwch Allwch Fod Yn Frenin Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Du A Gwyn Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Peiriant Awtomatig Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Data Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Nofio Yn Y Dwr Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Preseli Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Angel Wen Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Art Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Ma' Angel 'ma Ond Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Byd Gwahanol (Yn Dy Galon Di) Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Mae'r Eglwys Wen Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Yn Dy Galon Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Beth Sydd Yn Dy Feddwl Di Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Y Cwsg Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Byd Bach Arall Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Chwyldro Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Y Cwestiwn Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Consti Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Beth Sydd Yn Dy Feddwl Di Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Y Faner Goch Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Llygaid Yr Haul Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Seren China Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Paid Gadael Fynd Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon
Nefolaidd 1986 Malcolm (Gwyon) Neon

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