10 Fake IDs

Sinnbus SR007
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Berlin indie's three antiheroes infatuate audiences with guaranteed excitement, with friskiness and energy. Here dirty, rough edged idie rock, 100% propelling rhythm and organic soundscapes intertwine. Under a noisy superstructure, intricate rhythmics meet hidden melodies, sudden breaks and endings, the sensually sung gives way to screams. Their live shows are intense, full of energy, stirringly emotional, yet precise and accurate. This magic knows no generational borders, because it is about honest all-out passion, celebrated by people that have seen things and that have something to say, not giving a fuck about compromise. In the end, it is that unflinchingly personal attitude that made the difference for everyone important in pop history. »10 Fake IDs« offers a feeling of chill in hot times, injects passion into worlds of sandalled summer victims. Eleven ideas, carefully formulated yet as ambiguous as necessary. Masonne find fullfillment in fragments, attaching loops to loop. As masters of their trade they interweave idea, rhythm and harmony, forming an elaborately baffling confusion - that simply by pulling the right loose end at the right time is resolved in lightness and delight. Bass, guitar, drums, vocals lose themselves in complicated dance, yet manage to proceed forward, forward, forward. They will entrain you, drive you forth, make you gasp for and kindheartedly give you the good air.

Masonne: 10 Fake IDs

Carpet Red Masonne 5'28''
Elevator Masonne 2'49''
Shaolin Masonne 5'22''
Vuelta Masonne 5'25''
Konrad Masonne 2'44''
Kitty Masonne 1'04''
Kit Kat Masonne 4'03''
Control Is Community Masonne 4'56''
Swedish Curtains Masonne 5'09''
Liberty Masonne 4'46''
Catch Me Sleepy Masonne 2'06''

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