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Chicago-based musician Whitney Johnson was already active in bands such as Verma and E+ when she began working on solo project Matchess in 2012. Using pre-recorded cassette tapes, organ drones, delay-heavy vocals, and occasional passages of harsh noise summoned out of her viola, Johnson crafted a textural, ethereal sound heavy on rhythm and atmosphere alike. Early recordings were released in the form of extremely limited cassettes, with 2013's Seraphastra originally released in an edition of 50 tapes on the Digitalis label before seeing a proper release the next year on Trouble in Mind. The label released Matchess' second album, Somnaphoria, in 2015. Her third album, The Rafter, appeared on Austin label Monofonus Press in 2016.

Matchess: The Rafter

Alite Matchess
The Rafter Matchess
The Wind Matchess
The Fog Matchess
Awdo Matchess
Aweh Matchess

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