Mats Gustafsson

This is From the Mouth

Utech Records URLP097
  • LP: Ltd. to 300 copies, Single-sided picture disc in heavy poly sleeve screen printed front and back
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Mats Gustafsson, David Sandström (Refused), and Andreas Werliin (Fire!, Wildbirds & Peacedrums) made a special 18 min recording spirited by their involvement in theatre project Das Fliegende Kind (The Flying Child) by Roland Schimmelpfenning. Directed by the legendary Lars Rudolfsson, Das Fliegende Kind was presented at Orionteatern in Stockholm. This is From the Mouth was concepted by Mats Gustafson, developed by the trio and ultimately produced by Johan Berthing (Fire!, Tape). Recorded at Orionteatern in Stockholm, an old industrial building from the change of the last century, Mouth is the intention to create a slow moving state of mind ready to explode.

Mats Gustafsson: This is From the Mouth

This is From the Mouth Mats Gustafsson

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