Meadow House

This Should Not Be Happening.

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I first heard of Dan Wilson (the fellow behind Meadow House, Radionics Radio and a quarter of post-electronics quartet Oscillatorial Binnage) back in 2005 when a friend turned me on to his brilliant radio programs on London’s Resonance 104.4 FM. These shows chronicle the misadventures of a hermetic renaissance man who leaves cassettes full of his home recorded “songs” scattered around the city like litter (a practice known as “tape dropping”). You might find such a tape wrapped in a suicide note, or on a toilet seat in a public restroom or the floor of a subway train. Wilson’s compositions from this period, which were performed on homemade instruments, were usually angst-ridden affairs, extremely bleak.

When I was asked to assemble a record from 60-plus unreleased Meadow House songs, I was struggling with my own depression. So naturally I gravitated towards his darker songs, of which there were plenty. Sometimes they’re filled with an almost manic exuberance, but the faint of heart should exercise caution…there is no happy ending.

Joey Pizza Slice, 2017

Meadow House: This Should Not Be Happening.

Cutting Meadow House
Never Gonna Be Your Man Meadow House
Eat It Up Meadow House
Carbon Monoxide Meadow House
Risky Old Business Meadow House
Every Walk Down Time Streetstreet Meadow House
Fleas Meadow House
Bitterment Of Self Meadow House
The Hermit Meadow House
Submarining Meadow House
Time On The Hands Meadow House
Friday Night Slither Meadow House
So Many Colourful Ways To Try Meadow House

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