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The 1st EP by Moon Zero (London-based Tim Garratt) 'TOMBS' is, especially for a debut, a bold and confident musical statement, which reimagines the possibilities of processed organ and vocal sounds in a live context. The opener 'Dalyan' builds from slowly wavering layers of sound into a crumbling, decaying wall of fuzzed-out, peaking noise, which in turn builds again into ever-moving blocks of chopped loops and feedback, absorbing the listener completely into Moon Zero's musical space. A remarkable listen.

Moon Zero: Tombs

Dalyan Moon Zero
Endless Palms Moon Zero
Winter Dreams Moon Zero
Shadow Den Moon Zero
Shadow Den (Sun Hammer Remix) Moon Zero
Endless Palms (Zvuku Remix) Moon Zero
Winter Dreams (The Cyclist Remix) Moon Zero
Endless Palms (Bruised Skies Remix) Moon Zero

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