Death Rave

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Notorious techno-rockers MOTOR return with new single Death Rave, a ferociously tough turbo charged dance-floor destroyer that rocks out with unrestrained raw power.

Combining detuned screeching snarling synths with rock hard beats from its first moment, Death Rave smashes all senses with undisguised glee reflecting Motor men Bryan Black and Mr No’s disdain for ‘trendy party club music’.

Death Rave is the first single to be taken from Motor’s upcoming (and third) artist album Metal Machine, which comes out on T. Raumschmiere’s Berlin based punk-techno independent label Shitkatapult Records in May.

Album title track Metal Machine (itself a dark, ominous, techno killer) is also included on the single, though is not available on the forthcoming album while ‘Death Rave’ remix duties are handled by upcoming underground electro-tech DJ/producer Jonty Skrufff, who revs up Motor’s original for maximum dance-floor destroying effect.

Motor: Death Rave

Death Rave Motor 6'40''
Metal Machine Motor 5'16''
Death Rave (Jonty Skrufff´s Rewed Up Remix) Motor 6'24''
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