Stickman Records Psychobabble003LP
  • 2LP: Gold Vinyl Edition, Gatefold Sleeve
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Blissard is the fifth full length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. It was the first where the band tried to bring some more focused and pre-written songs to tape, as opposed to their earlier working technique of doing lot of experimenation and brainstorming in the studio. It is often ranked among their best work by fans and critics.

Motorpsycho: Blissard

Sinful, Wind-Borne Motorpsycho
Drug Thing Motorpsycho
Greener Motorpsycho
S Numbness Motorpsycho
The Nerve Tattoo Motorpsycho
True Middle Motorpsycho
STG Motorpsycho
Manmower Motorpsycho
Fools Gold Motorpsycho
Nathan Daniel's Tune From Hawaii Motorpsycho

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