Here Be Monsters

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Hold tight, for this is the zenith of the band´s motorpsychodelic tendencies, with emphasis on the blissful and melodic, but still an intense rollercoaster ride all of its own. Here Be Monsters started life as a commission for the centennial jubilee of the Norwegian Technical Museum in November, 2014. The music was written for the expanded version of Motorpsycho that features everyone's favourite keyboardist Ståle Storløkken (Elephant9, Supersilent, Terje Rypdal, etc.).

Performed just once, this music clearly had more life in it, and while Ståle’s commitments meant he had to pass on making an album out of it, Bent, Snah and Kenneth have turned it into a full-blown Motorpsycho project. There are five of their own compositions, from the tantalising piano intro (Sleepwalking – and its equally brief reprise Sleepwalking Again) to the expansive and stunningly scenic 17-minute adventure – another rollercoaster! - of the closing Big Black Dog, via the serene beauty of Lacuna/Sunrise and Running With Scissors, and the pulsing, pounding I.M.S. Motorpsycho also felt it was the perfect occasion to record one of their favourite psych nuggets of old; their take on HP Lovecraft’s version of Terry Callier’s Spin, Spin, Spin adds a new, slightly sinister vibe to the old folk tune, which offsets and complements the grandiose cinematic sweep of their own songs.

Co-produced, engineered and mixed by long-time co-conspirator and fellow sonic explorer Thomas Henriksen, who also plays keyboards on the album, Here Be Monsters is Motorpsycho’s most hi-fi, headphone-friendly music yet, taking you closer to the songs’ themes.

Motorpsycho: Here Be Monsters

Sleepwalking Motorpsycho
LacunaSunrise Motorpsycho
Running With Scissors Motorpsycho
I. M. S. Motorpsycho
Spin, Spin, Spin Motorpsycho
Sleepwalking Again Motorpsycho
Big Black Dog Motorpsycho

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