Supersonic Scientists

Stickman Records Psychobabble082CD
  • 2CD : 6 Panel Digipak incl. Booklet
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Releasing their first ever anthology after 25 very productive years is asking for trouble. There must surely be as many possible track selections as there are fans and we guess the discussions will be many. As the subtitle indicates, the main motivation behind this release - apart from the anniversary and the Rockheim exhibition - is to present an introduction to newcomers and latecomers. Mostly concentrating on the "ordinary" studio albums and a couple of outsiders and edited versions, we really think the band have made a fantastic selection. Helge "Deathprod" Sten has remastered all the tracks from the original masters and the non chronological order makes for a very natural flowing and intriguing travel through the Motorpsycho universe. If that isn´t enough, an up to date family tree is for the first time made official by being included in both formats. All of which means you will need this one even if you´re a long time fan.

Motorpsycho: Supersonic Scientists

Nothing To Say Motorpsycho
Little Lucid Moments (Part 1) Motorpsycho
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho
Dominoes Motorpsycho
Starhammer Motorpsycho
The Nerve Tatto Motorpsycho
Starmelt Lovelight Motorpsycho
In Our Tree Motorpsycho
The Other Fool Motorpsycho
The Afterglow Motorpsycho
Go To California Motorpsycho
Cloudwalker Motorpsycho
Cornucopia (... Or Satan, Uh... Something) Motorpsycho
Serpentine Motorpsycho
The Golden Core Motorpsycho
Dog Day Lydia Tomlab
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