Move D


AVA avalp006
  • 2LP: DIY artwork
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Essential Move D album, orriginally released in '94 by Source, now remastered and reissued by AVA.

Move D: Kunststoff

Eastman Move D 6'34''
Soap Bubbles Move D 4'48''
Sandmann Move D 4'31''
In/out (Initial Mix) Move D 7'36''
Hood Move D 7'38''
Tribute To Mr. Fingers Move D 3'27''
77 Sunset Strip Move D 6'30''
Beyond The Machine Move D 5'24''
Nimm 2 Move D 7'46''
Amazing Discoveries Move D 8'34''
Trist Move D 5'07''
Xing The Jordan/ Seven Move D 8'26''

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