Chewed Corners

Planet Mu ZIQ333CD
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Mike Paradinas has been a pioneer and a mainstay of the electronic music scene for over 20 years, and Chewed Corners is his first proper solo album since 2007. As the boss of electronic label Planet Mu, he’s released music by some of the most celebrated modern electronic artists around - from Benga, Kuedo and Machinedrum to Luke Vibert, Venetian Snares and FaltyDL, to name just a few. Paradinas started both his career and µ-Ziq with the album Tango N’Vectif back in 1993, which elevated him to the top of the league of British electronica producers alongside Black Dog and Aphex Twin. He has also been one of the few people to collaborate with Aphex Twin on the album Mike & Rich, and has released albums on Virgin, Astralwerks, Warp and Rephlex before putting out music on his own label Planet Mu.
Chewed Corners was written in the same period as Paradinas’s recent Heterotic project (a collaboration with his wife Lara Rix-Martin and Warp’s singer / songwriter Gravenhurst) while he was home alone. He says he intended the compositions “to evoke drama and emotion,” and while the music was made with no conscious influences, after listening back Paradinas says Kuedo, Aphex Twin, Chicago Footwork, Art of Noise, Orbital, Japan and Rustie must all have had an effect.
While his last album, 2007’s Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique, was at times as harrowing and miserable as its title suggests, Chewed Corners is almost the polar opposite: relaxed, self-possessed, and a pleasure to listen to. It also foregrounds one of Paradinas’s most important characteristics - something that has always shone through his far-reaching experimentation and kept it sounding both personal and accessible - his knack for great melodies and lush arrangements. Chewed Corners sidesteps affiliations to any genre; instead it’s a suite of fourteen retro-futurist tracks, created with a lush, analog-sounding palette. It’s a gentle ride that finds a way to breathe light and joy into the framework. In other words, it’s classic µ-Ziq.

Mu-Ziq: Chewed Corners

Taikon Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Christ Dust Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Wipe Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Monyth Mu-Ziq 53''
Twangle Melkas Mu-Ziq 1'25''
Melting Bas Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Houzz 10 Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Feeble Minded Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Hug Mu-Ziq 1'29''
Mountain Island Boner Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Tickly Flanks Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Smooch Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Gunnar Mu-Ziq 1'30''
Weakling Paradinas Mu-Ziq 1'30''

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