Multicast Dynamics

Continental Ruins

Denovali Records den276cd
  • LP: Includes download, 180 g Vinyl, incl. printed inner Sleeve
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Finland-based Samuel van Dijk is an electronic music producer, sound designer and media artist, having released electronic music under a variety of projects, namely, Mohlao and VC-118A. Following on from 2015's highly praised album quadrailogy, Multicast Dynamics releases his new "Continental Ruins" LP on Denovali Records. Inspired by decayed infrastructure, Samuel van Dijk reveals his sound documentary about sunken cities and continents, landslides and islands. A study on storytelling with sound, where electronic music acts as a verb, moved by images and narratives.

„Continental Ruins“ LP is a journey through washed out, blurred particles, gliding across the ungraspable seafog of the atlantic, transforming the visible into sound. The murky and desolated atmosphere throughout the tracks reflects an forgotten utopia of places that were once populated. Unfolding fallen structures, immersing into the elusive, submerged land, searching for signs of life in the lost memories of faded civilizations, Multicast Dynamics explores ultrasonic underwater communication, decodes messages and browses through the archive of the past.

Written and produced with analogue synthesizers, arcane effect units and manipulated field-recordings, finally sequenced with the computer and mixed using temperamental analogue mixers. "Continental Ruins" LP is a slow horizontal panning, gliding through frames of sounds, creating textures and layers with unobtrusive rhythms. Samuel van Dijk delivers a calm and organic sound journey, resting on gloomy swirls and hidden artefacts. Artwork by T. van Dijk.

Multicast Dynamics: Continental Ruins

Vault Multicast Dynamics
Continental Ruins Multicast Dynamics
Unknown Place Multicast Dynamics
Archive Multicast Dynamics
Magenta Multicast Dynamics
Animated Being Multicast Dynamics
Coil Multicast Dynamics
Lake Haze Multicast Dynamics
Red Part Multicast Dynamics
Frequency Modulation Multicast Dynamics
Viewpoint Multicast Dynamics
Cryosphere Multicast Dynamics
Zone Multicast Dynamics
Current Multicast Dynamics

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