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My bubba & Mi met in Copenhagen, an Italian guy heard them by accident, invited the three enchanting ladies from Iceland, Sweden and Denmark to play in Italy, where the recorded their debut album "How It's Done In Italy" then and so on. Now they tour the world...

"Bob" - their new single - is the first sign of life on Sinnbus. Two graceful beauties of delightfully reduced folk music and fragile vocal harmonies. Laid back, warm and exceedingly charming. A slow moaning ode to men, explaining their greatness through the stories of BBQ Bob, Cinnamon Sam and Crocodile Dundee, and a song the band played live ever since, but that was written in 1975 by My's father's wife's ex-husband's mother's previous lover; Bob Dylan. Accompanied by extensive touring this is one of the big promises!

My Bubba & Mi: Bob

BBQ Bob My Bubba & Mi 2'53''
Bob, We Love You My Bubba & Mi 4'54''

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