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The Earth was incessantly covered in ice, it’s landscape an immense, frozen desert. Boulders and sand washed to the valley, crushed under the glaciers’ enormous weight, leaving nothing but the hardest rock behind.”
Neunau draws inspiration from natural phenomenons, sculpting his indelible and furious expression into materials: a ritual guided only by the rhythm of his own heartbeat.
Composed exclusively of sounds recorded at the ancient forge museum in Bienno, in the middle of one of the largest valleys in the central Alps, Neunau presents an experience that goes beyond simple listening. His tools — water, iron and microphones — are used to transport the listener through time and place. A true voyage through forgotten ritualism and symbolism, these extracts aim to grind contemporary dance music to its barest essentials, making long-lost times ours again.
Neunau is the debut EP from Sergio Maggioni’s Neunau, released by Parachute on 12” vinyl and digital formats on May 27th, 2016.

Neunau: Neunau

Neunau Neunau
Mapas Neunau
Enes_au Neunau
Teniau Neunau

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