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Dusseldorf 2013 - a city in the middle of Europe. And vibrant. Especially when it comes to art. Avant-garde visions have always thrived particularly well here. The latest example: NEUSTADT - the duo of Mirko Podkowik and Lukas Heerich, established in 2010.
NEUSTADT create unpredictable concert installations that have nothing in common with a traditional band concert. Podkowik provides the visual aspect. Heerich delivers the sound and performance - driving, industrial and contemporary. The artist duo sees itself as a joint working group and the project NEUSTADT as an aesthetic that makes a world view visible. Its concrete form is a snapshot of a common conceptual process. It is a process that never reveals itself, but discharges impressions with immediate impact. They released their debut LP "Drohgebärden" in 2010 as a limited vinyl edition of 300 copies on the Düsseldorf label Themes For Great Cities and Slowboy. The tracks and outstanding graphic design have such a profound effect on the central nervous system that ITALIC Recordings was compelled to make them available to the whole world in re-mastered form. This is conceptual art, a stimulus that grooves beyond all reference, evoking a thunderstorm of mental activity.

Neustadt: Drohgebärden

Blau Neustadt 5'13''
Neustadt Neustadt 2'59''
Zurück / Nach Vorn Neustadt 3'49''
Geleit Neustadt 4'43''
Du und Ich Neustadt 3'15''
Nirgendwo Neustadt 6'20''

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