New Idea Society

The World Is Bright And Lonely

Altin Village & Mine AVM 017 LP
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Recorded in Brooklyn in January of 2006 at Mike Law's Translator Audio Studio in three days and two evenings, totally live in a room, vocals, mistakes and all.

The band, assembled to bring life to demos Mike Law had circulated to Steve and Chris of 57 songs written around 2004 and 2005, the favorites being chosen to be learned and recorded in the same day. Most of the band had never met each other before recording began Friday afternoon and without a single practice dove into and finished songs like "Where Are You Now" and "Dress Shirt" that first day. By Sunday evening Drawbridge Kid wrapped up all the songs that had drums and in three short days the album was nearly complete.
Mike played a solo show Monday night in D.C. and returned to complete the final tracks with Steve like "Let It Be" and "Press Reverse" over the next two evenings. Only "Don't Sleep" was tracked in stages by Mike later that month.

New Idea Society: The World Is Bright And Lonely

Press Reverse New Idea Society
Single Thread New Idea Society
Don't Sleep New Idea Society
Where Are You Now New Idea Society
Drawbridge Kid New Idea Society
The Only Sound New Idea Society
Dress Shirt New Idea Society
Waking Dreams And Rooms New Idea Society
Part II The World Is Bright And Lonely New Idea Society
Medicine Show New Idea Society
Let It Be New Idea Society
Compass New Idea Society
Hope and Songs To Sing New Idea Society
The Leaves Won't Fall On You New Idea Society

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