Nils Frahm

Juno Reworked

Erased Tapes ERATP049LP
  • EP: Includes download, incl. free mp3
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2015 Repress, contains remixes by CLARK & Luke Abott + 2 Originals from Frahm's 2013' EP 'Juno'.

#After releasing Nils Frahm’s two-track solo synthesiser EP ‘Juno’ in a highly sought after 7” edition, Erased Tapes now re-release the original Juno tracks with guest reworks by Border Community's modular synth wizard Luke Abbott and Warp veteran Clark. Both known for their like-minded use of analogue synthesisers in their music, it makes them the perfect artists to rework the originals. Similar to Frahm’s online project ‘Screws Reworked’, where he invited fans to download his solo piano songs to reinterpret them with their own medium of choice, it’s far from being the typical remix EP.

Nils Frahm: Juno Reworked

For (Luke Abbott Rework) Nils Frahm
For Nils Frahm
Peter (Clark Remix) Nils Frahm
Peter Nils Frahm

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