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Two new extended Ninos Du Brasil productions marking Nico and Nicolo`’s first new material since 2014’s much-praised Novos Miste´rios album.
Para Araras finds them upping their production levels to deliver an oddly compelling blend of joyous adventure theme-park music crossed with the chaos and explosive tension of mass street protests.

The A-side’s A Magia Do Rei displays of rolling techno variant kinked with polyrhythmic shuffles, darkside synth strokes and swooping subs, superbly rounded off by Neel’s mastering work.

Turn over, and Algo Ou Algue´m Entre As A´rvores hits a rather different groove accentuating their tribal influences in a roiling, humid swamp of churning bass, scissoring syncopation and layered voices sounding like an extended offcut from the Cannibal Holocaust OST.

In the most honest sense, both sides live up to the thrill of their ecstatic, confetti-strewn live shows, while proving effectively deadly as DJ tools in the right hands.

Ninos Du Brasil: Para Araras

A Magia Do Rei Ninos Du Brasil
Algo Ou Alguem Entre As Arvores Ninos Du Brasil

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