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THE STARTING POINT: The Frankfurt Congress Hall at the beginning of the 90`s, a concert that our debutante will never forget. Noise battles al la Caspar Brötzmann (guitar) Massaker and as the last shrill tones die away the musical paradise of Penguin Cafe Orchestra arises. War and peace. The first concert brought the initial ignition sparks for the future music of Yvonne Cornelius.

Yvonne Cornelius, based in Cologne/Germany, tinkers with many sounds of different natures because a limited, 2 MB, sound memory. and from there- far off from the wordly casiotones- creates a highly unique sound. Every vocal is sung by Yvonne Cornelius herself. The melodies for her songs emerge out of a language that is quite often built on tongue sounds which lead to an infinite variation.

All this has really nothing to do with musical modells such as Barabara Morgenstern or Quarks - and can be much better compared with a hard to imagine cross-breed of Karl Valentin and Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and Magritte, or Jorge Luis Borges in connection with Pergolesi.

The magic of the dynamic, the layers, and the shifting of instrumentals is present in all her songs. Dreamlike, poetic image cuts are born out of the wilful use of voice and the choice of instuments. Pictures from a world, which can be grasped behind the net of spontaneous figures and stories, that belong to every song like a fairytale or fable. A complex 3-dimensional network that opens up so many possibilities for variation that even with repeated listening one cannot get tired of her music.....

Niobe: Radioersatz

Kaspartransport Mit Einmischung Des Herrn Cowboy Niobe 2'49''
Troubles Of Serial Life Niobe 3'02''
Radio Mexico Niobe 2'52''
Everybody Shares A Lounge Niobe 2'51''
Took It Off Niobe 3'09''
Just Night Tonight / A Last Talk Niobe 5'02''
Lalu Lalu Niobe 1'27''
I Saw Your Face Niobe 1'50''
Kurz Bevor Ich Vom Himmel Fiel Niobe 2'39''

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