The Cclose Calll

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A near escape from the “other” life. Twelve pieces about the question, how one’s life might possibly have turned out.
Yvonne Cornelius (Niobe), composer of colourful and complex arrangements, and extraordinary vocal virtuoso, narrates in rich, imaginative ways from different characters who picture - within a song – how their actually life would turn out if it was not beautiful but HORROR.
She hides in the disguise of a low male voice(Does He Gallop O Walk) to communicate the impression of a gambling addict who wakes up every morning at 4 am to endure the first news of the outcomes from the recent bets with a cigarette and black coffee, but in fact he dreams of a cultivated life. St. Lindemer plays guitar & bass on this track as throughout the album.
„You Have To Be More“ is about a serious singer, who pictures the horror scenario that she was a neglected hotel singer, who for certain reasons was able to afford a luxurious apartment in the Kahala Towers on Hawaii, but didn’t really master her singing.
„You Send For Me“ is the story about a beautiful girl who pictures to continuously be followed by a stalker, always needing to escape. He keeps calling her time and time again until she pulls out all the telephone lines from the wall to discover that like in a horror movie, the ghostly telephone keep ringing.
Together with Institut Für Feinmotorik she produced the great song „Walk The Walk“ that was mixed and produced by Marcus Schmickler (Pluramon) who also is involved on „Stuck To The Fact“ and „Exotic“.
With "Walk The Walk" Yvonne Cornelius has created an amazing piece about an extremely undiscerning person who is stuck in a dead end and declines all help trying to ever get out of there.
For THE CCLOSE CALLL, Yvonne Cornelius has once more performed magic, enveloping little stories in multi-facetted songs. As always the exotic atmosphere that is lost in reverie is maintained.

Niobe: The Cclose Calll

The Stillness Niobe 3'30''
Asthmatic Person In Pink Niobe 3'18''
Stop! You Send For Me Niobe 2'13''
Walk The Walk! Niobe 5'02''
Monsters Under My Bed Niobe 1'51''
You Have To Be More Niobe 2'42''
Stuck To The Fact Niobe 2'40''
Does He Gallop O Walk Niobe 2'45''
So Much Legend Niobe 4'18''
Exotic - The Swarm Niobe 3'22''
Piloto Automático Niobe 3'40''
As Long As I Can Fly Niobe 2'38''
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