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Music that challenges time. Looporiented, quiet tracks that carry a rare level of intensity. Novisad's new release ultimately confronts you with the question where this mystery is coming from because Kritian Peters has been bringing so much emotion through the wires. It is both evident and hard to grasp how Novisad is treating the loops and layers with his very own sensitivity that weaves together very pure ambient music with wonderfull melodies.

Novisad: Seleya

Pflanzenwuchs Novisad 2'44''
Regen Novisad 4'03''
Piaa Novisad 2'50''
Theatralik Novisad 3'38''
Schattenmelodie Novisad 1'29''
Seleya Novisad 3'30''
Zerfall Novisad 3'26''
Sehnsucht Novisad 3'08''
Verlauf Novisad 3'00''
Einsam Novisad 1'55''
Sommersonnenschein Novisad 3'08''
Macht Novisad 3'02''
Vorbei Novisad 2'44''

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