A History With Samus

Gobstopper GOB019
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Mr. Mitch's Gobstopper Records follows Loom's 'European Heartache' with GOB019, a debut release by rising producer Odeko.

Influences on the Welsh producer's 'A History With Samus' EP are rooted in 21st century - and beyond - communication and evolution.

Fact Magazine profiled Odeko among 10 grime producers to watch in 2016 writing "What we've heard hints at an expansive approach exploring the hidden connections between Rapid at his most lovelorn and electronic experiments by James Blake or Oneohtrix Point Never....He's got a ton of potential to add nuance and shading to the label's emotional grime deconstructions, and the outside influences carry a welcome influx of new ideas at a time when the genre can feel a bit self-referential.

Odeko: A History With Samus

Setsuko Odeko
The Yumato Spring Odeko
Sugar Acid Odeko
Tsundoku Odeko

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