Oneohtrix Point Never

Drawn And Quartered

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REISSUED ON VINYL!!! Track 1 originally released on an OPN/Outer Space split cassette (Arbor, 2009). Track 2 originally released on ‘Ruined Lives’ cassette (Young Tapes, 2008). Track 3 and 4 originally released on ‘Transmat Memories’ cassette (Taped Sounds 2008). Track 5 and 6 originally released on ‘A Pact Between Strangers’ CDR (Gneiss Things, 2008). Track 7 originally released on ‘Young Beidnahga’ CDR (Ruralfuane, 2009).

Oneohtrix Point Never: Drawn And Quartered

Lovegirls Precinct Oneohtrix Point Never 1'37''
Ships Without Meaning Oneohtrix Point Never 9'39''
Terminator Lake Oneohtrix Point Never 5'42''
Transmat Memories Oneohtrix Point Never 5'35''
A Pact Between Strangers Oneohtrix Point Never 4'18''
When I Get Back From New York Oneohtrix Point Never 16'47''
I Know Its Taking Pictures Form Antoher Plane - Inside Your Sun Oneohtrix Point Never 2'30''

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