The Tide That Moves Me EP

Gobstopper GOB024
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Formerly known as Orlando Volcano, the moniker under which he released his debut EP, 'Complete Concrete', on Liminal Sounds, Orlando - like Mr.

Mitch - is a producer who places emotion at the heart of his output. "My work explores themes of landscape and environment and a constant longing for the unobtainable", he explains.

'The Tide That Moves Me' functions around these core threads, with the hopeful, new-age pop of the title-track, the soft, melody-rich dancehall of 'Cyaa Done' featuring new-school Jamaican vocalist Nemesis, and the glistening, wistful electronica of 'The Smoke Descends' all referencing a range of warming, open-ended emotions.

Alongside the shimmering 'Sensory Deprivation Tank' - a track that comes alive with sporadic drum bursts to give the EP mettle for the dance - Orlando has honed in on a sound that functions in its own, bubble-like space, illuminating gorgeous, high-level sound design and his take on future club tropes in the process.

Orlando: The Tide That Moves Me EP

The Tide That Moves Me Orlando
Cyaa Done Orlando
The Smoke Descends Orlando
Sensory Deprivation Tank Orlando

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