Orphan Swords

Räum Remixes

Idiosyncratics idvi001
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After a pair of tapes acclaimed by The Quietus and Xlr8r, ORPHAN SWORDS makes a new move via Idiosyncratics. The industrial-slanted techno duo welcomes four guest projects for a vinyl of remixes: not less than Dwellings (alias GNOD's electronic Brain Chris Haslam), Paul Purgas (half part of Raster-Noton notorious duo Emptyset), shxcxchcxsh (swedish techno project signed on Shifted' label Records Avian) and Exoteric Continent (Opal Tapes fellow aka Arnau Sala). They revamp Orphan Swords' track RÄUM from debut EP Dantalion/Räum in a brand new version. The record has been mastered by Stephen Bishop (Opal Tapes). ORPHAN SWORDS is a collaboration between sound experimentalist and Idiosyncratics label founder Yannick Franck & producer and Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF) curator Maze.

Orphan Swords: Räum Remixes

Räum (Winter Solstice Version) Orphan Swords 7'04''
Räum (Dwellings remix) Orphan Swords 8'42''
Räum (SHXCXCHCXSH remix) Orphan Swords 6'06''
Räum (Paul Purgas remix) Orphan Swords 4'06''
Räum (Exoteric Continent remix) Orphan Swords 6'40''

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