Archive 1993-1994

Mannequin Records MNQ089
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Mannequin Records present an archival collection from the genesis of Orphx sound. Inspired by early industrial music and new waves of noise from Japan and Europe, the compilation is gathering together some of the best material from their first two cassette releases along with previously unreleased tracks recovered from the original 4 track tapes.

Orphx: Archive 1993-1994

Conceptus Orphx
Gestation Orphx
Miasma Orphx
Inhumed Orphx
The Sodomite Orphx
An Initial Process Orphx
Excruciate Orphx
Monophilia Orphx
Juliette Orphx
Metaplasmic Disjecta Orphx
Veil of Dream Orphx
Exposure Orphx
Reservoirs of Infection Orphx
A La Recherche D'un Corps Orphx
A Landscape of Wounds Orphx
Accuracy Overloads Procedure Orphx
Lecture 17 Orphx
Serial Deaths Orphx
Beautiful Wreckage Orphx
Live Fragment 21_10_94 Orphx

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