Utech Records URCD103
  • CD: Edition of 300 in bronze metallic sleeve with obi
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Spain’s long-time purveyors of the leftist side of metal, Orthodox return with their sixth full-length. Augmenting the core unit of Marco Serrato (bass) and Borja Díaz (drums) is Achilleas Polychronidis (sax) of Skullfuck. Supreme is a slow beating that drags the listener in and out of a haze of improv, psychedelia and dysfunctional doom.

The relationship between spiritual jazz and doom metal may seem to be one of irreconcilable differences – the galvanizing, ever-ascendent language of freedom set against a moribund march to the tomb, but these divergent musical idioms exist in a similar liminal space on Supreme, each one reaching out from the corporeal now into the opaque otherworld beyond. the two impulses converge in a musical dramatization of Alexander of Macedonia’s allegorical ascension to godhead on griffin wings – and his subsequent return to the earthly realm to assume his proper role as a ruler of historical proportions. – Jenks Miller, Horseback

Orthodox: Supreme

Supreme Orthodox

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